Tuesday, November 18, 2008

getting my art career started

wow! this is a big leap of faith for me. having just read the most amazing story about a women who created her whole self supporting illustration career from scratch! its enough to read to inspire one such as myself to start my own career as an illustrator. its a small step but its something.

there are a few reasons that i can think of at the top of my head as to why ive decided to do this for myself as an illustrator.
ive started this blog to give myself a voice on the net. now having my very own page to call my own i can at least have a proper url to guide anyone who might be interested in the type of art work that i create.
getting connected with other illustrators is a must, through my page im now able to do that, as well as supporting other artists that share the same boat as i do.

well that's about it for my first post, ill have my profile and art work up and running soon.
now lets get started!.


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