Monday, November 24, 2008

Update for the end of this month

Well its look like the holidays are around the corner and man have I got so many things I want to complete. my list of things to steadly rises all the time. I feel as though I never have the time of day to complete the tasks I set out for myself. Keeping yourself accountable is hard work but I know if I work on the little things the bigger things are bound to follow.

Ive got a few x-mas gift ideas and comissions im working on right now. Im starting up my pet portrait gig again for the holidays. I figuered it would be a good way to get my work out there as well as have the little job on the side. ( like i dont have enough to keep me busy)

Next in my list of things to do is contact every independent interior desinger and decorator in the fraser valley about using my painting skills for possible murals that could be done within private homes or public spaces. My list is growing everyday, once I have enough ill make the contacts and then go from there. You can view my murals on Http://

Im also getting ready for an art show known as the "Wings Exhibit" that well be held on Jan 18th till Feb11th in 2009 at the kariton gallery 2387 Ware st in Abbotsford. If your looking for something to do come check out my work and many other artists at the art show.

Well thats about it for now. If I keep to my goals for the weeks to come hopefully ill feel as if ive made some progress. Next thing is ill have to check out some publishers to get some work for companys to produce illustrations. dont worry ill keep you all posted, wish me luck.

April Solomon

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