Monday, March 28, 2011

Latest creation

This Dragon well be apart of a new series of hybrid-dragons known as Show-Dragons. The title is still underconstruction but the point im making on behalf of these particular spieces of dragons is simply this...


The word Show in Show-dragon means to exhibit, or display ones self. For the very survival of its own species This unique class of dragon dose just this, allow me to explain a little further.

This hybrid class of the Wrym family or Dragon, are some of the most highly intelligent and peace concerning beasts in the world.
Their evolutionary process has taken these supreme giants down a completely different evolutionary route then its more primitive serpent cousins.
These strange, bizarre and uniquely gifted creatures display an incredible plethora of feathers, horns, fur, scales, and even patterns found on other animals such as mammals, insects, sea-life and even plants!.
An interesting feature about Show dragons is that they do not engage in battle to harm or kill to win over the even more rare and mysterious female Show-Dragon as a mate.
Like the intelligent cuddle fish, or the colorful birds of paradise, these animals desplay color, pattern, song and dance to attract a mate in order to hold their place in the next the generation of life to come.
what makes Show-Dragons even more amazing is their ability to mimic the living world around them in hoping that the correct combination of color, pattern, texture, song, dance, and diet can hope to one day attract a female to come out from her hiding place to mate with him.
The Show-Dragons metomorphisos can last an entire life time, which can take as long as hundreds of years. The process of maniplulating one-self can not only be abundantly rewarding, but tragically devistating and even fatal for some Show-Dragons. The changes that occur externally well clearly dysplay the changes internally. Some Show-Dragons become more balanced,wise and peace-loving through the gentle and careful art of mimicking ones environment. Other such Show-Dragons become hungry power-seekers. Believers that ``more is better`` they take, use and maniplulate forcefully what ever they can around them to better their own belief of adaptation into the supreme all dominating male.
To put it simply in a metaphor. Human beings go through changes their entire lives. Everything changes. The body, mind, and spirit constantly up-load and download data that can be useful for the the furthering survival.
Show-Dragons are no different, They can maniplualte their bodys to capture the plumge of a peacock tale, or the teature of an aged willow tree. Or they can Learn song, dance, and even the skill of crafting artwork like that of a sculpture or a painter. Even a well selected and balanced diet is needed if the Show-Dragon is to maintain its apperence in phisical beauty and mental health.
Their is much to be said about the class of Show-Dragon. For now I well close with what description I have given. Restasure there is more to come regarding this new and excitingly rare species.

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