Monday, October 8, 2012

Moving back to California

Hey everyone,

Thought it was high time I start posting on my blog again and start getting the world up-to-date with the latest projects Ive got underway.
I'm currently getting together my ideas for some mythical pieces only this rather large assignment shall be a bit different. The theme is simple and so perfect to cater to what i do best without the project seeming dull and boring. I'm not ready to give you all the clues as to what I'm up to but lets just say its going to be awesome and one of a kind.

Ive also been shooting back and forth a werewolf graphic novel in my mind for many years but never felt like I had achieved the ability to draw anatomy at a professional level . Now that I feel like Ive ascended to a decent level in my art ability's to pull this graphic novel off, its only a matter of sketch approval, story concepts, and a believable conversion between science and mythology...and my graphic novel is ready to go.

Ive also got plans to be apart of the world famous Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach C.A. for next year in the summer of 2013. I'm already looking forward to it and I well have more never before seen work ready to go for the Sawdust festival exhibit. If you've never herd or been to this unforgettable show checkout the link below and take a peek. Over 100 artists get ready every year exhibiting every imaginable medium a human being is capable of using to create an amazing work of art!.

On another note Ive just recently moved back to California from Canada, where I spent 6 years of my life. Lots of changes on the horizon, not all well be easy but who said life as a starving artist would be.However big the changes may be, Planets are aligning for me and I'm not gonna miss this opportunity to shine. Fall has approached and just in time. My power month is right on schedule for me to kick some hyper intensive cosmic creative ass!!

Keep you posted weekly for whats coming up,

Thanks for surfing my blog, now go share it with someone else. ;)



Written by Gaylen Corbett said...

It's so interesting to hear about the creative projects you're working on! I always look forward to seeing your latest work.

Darnell said...

Ape, Really miss you right now and heard that you might be going back to Canada for a visit this sunday. We're with you in thoughts and prayers and wish that we could be together with you and all the friends today. Lots of Love,
Darnell, Christina, Cody and Makai

Aryn Savard said...

Hey April! Do you have a current email address? I tried to contact you a few months back, but I'm not sure it went through. Sounds like you've had some big changes since I talked to you last! I hope all is well and I would love to hear how you are and how things are going!